Bitcoin Payment

Buy on iOS & Android App (Credit & Debit Card)

Coinbase (USA / UK Only – Debit Card Only – iOS / Android

Shakepay (Canada only – Interac Transfer)  iOS / Android

Buy Online through a Website. (Credit & Debit Card) (International)

  1. – Most countries work, pay with Visa or Mastercard, when asked for Bitcoin address, just copy and paste the one below.

BITCOIN (BTC ADDRESS) for PAYMENTS 1CvrV2vsr1dzcWvcGqqLwWVJc44piwsaRg

Cash In Person (Bitcoin ATM)

  1. CoinATMRadar – If you prefer to pay cash with your own Local Currency, you can search this website if there is any Bitcoin ATM near you. Simply visit the Bitcoin ATM and click Buy Bitcoin, follow the steps on the screen. When prompted for a Bitcoin QR code (wallet) click yes you have one and scan the one below.

Bitcoin Payment QR Code :

, Bitcoin Payment (Buy Bitcoin)


Simply send the amount you want to buy and contact us via SMS / Telegram or email (

, Bitcoin Payment (Buy Bitcoin) Telegram/ SMS / +1-438-816-6231

, Bitcoin Payment (Buy Bitcoin)WhatsApp +1-438-816-6231